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Fidelity Capital Announces New Products Available to Businesses

New financial services increase scope of Fidelity Capital’s offerings

Fidelity Capital, a company providing a range of equipment leasing and financing services for clients in a variety of industries, announced a number of new services it is now capable of offering to its clients.

The new services involve financing for four different types of projects, each of which will help companies continue their growth in a sustainable way. Fidelity Capital’s own growth on its staff has made it capable of handling wider varieties of deals and clients and made this expansion of services possible.

“We are excited to announce a new line of services to all of our customers,” said Alan Eppstein, Account Executive at Fidelity Capital. “These services are available to companies in all sectors, including technology, manufacturing, medical and bio-technology. Our goal is to provide companies with an opportunity to compete in a growing market place.”

The new financing opportunities available are as follows:

  • Tentative Improvements: Tentative business improvements can be financed with special programs Fidelity Capital has implemented for clients that are looking to expand or modify their workspace to be more productive.
  • Expansion: Fidelity Capital can help companies looking to expand with new employees, office space, equipment or software so they can keep up with their customers’ demands.
  • Soft Cost: Fidelity Capital offers financing for a variety of costs associated with running a business, including training, shipping, installation and more.
  • Build Out: Fidelity Capital’s financing extends beyond purchasing equipment; it can also help assist companies with the necessary build outs for their office to make their staff more productive.

“The idea is that companies can finance some of these growth costs so they can continue expanding without having to fork out the entire bill,” said Eppstein. “With this new portfolio, Fidelity Capital can expand its customer base and bring in brand new companies while helping solve more types of growth issues than ever before.”

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