Fidelity Capital Equipment Financing

Technology Equipment Financing

Technology Equipment Financing

Financing technology purchases has become standard for many organizations. Technology financing is the premier option when implementing or structuring a company’s infrastructure. Moreover, the current business environment calls for a cost-effective and scalable approach when buying new hardware and software.  Fidelity Capital can provide solution financing including a 100% software financing and our innovative financing allows us to provide financing for the project as a whole including professional services, shipping, and ancillary implementation costs.   Fidelity Capital has financed many solutions from name-brand providers such as Dell, CDW, HP, Apple, NetApp, Isilion, Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft, and more.


Key Points:

  • Avoids Obsolescence/Scalable: Financing allows for seamless equipment changes and new scalable component or capacity additions

  • Easy Qualification: Based a on a company’s trade and/or business history a company can obtain up to $750,000 without having to submit financials

  • Project Financing: Finance the entire project inclusive of shipping, implementation, professional services


Common Items Financed:

  • Computer Workstations

  • Racking Equipment

  • Wireless Connectivity Options

  • Digital Broadcasting/Editing Suites

  • Database Software
  • Computer Monitors

  • Specialty Software Packages

  • Video Conferencing Solutions

  • Routers, Switches & Peripherals

  • Imaging/Printing Equipment
  • Storage

  • Servers

  • Sattelite Equipment

  • Laptops

  • VOIP Solutions