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Fidelity Capital Releases First Quarter Report for 2017

Growth continues across the board as lending confidence increases

IRVINE, CA – Fidelity Capital, a company providing a range of equipment leasing and financing services for clients in a variety of industries, recently released its first quarter report for 2017.

The big story of the first part of 2017 continues to be the growth experienced by the company. Fidelity Capital has seen significant growth in the technology sector, with firms looking for lending and services such as SAAS (software as a service), hosting, IT management and software development. This is only a small aspect of the growth seen by the company over the last several months.

“Once again, we have exceeded expectations with the amount of clients we have been able to bring in from diverse industries,” said Alan Eppstein, Account Executive at Fidelity Capital. “Our clients are coming from industries such as bio technology, technology, medical and manufacturing fields. We have had to add new account executives to be able to keep up with all of the new business we have coming our way.”

As demand continues to increase, the company has been forced to make some adjustments to its products as well. For example, underwriters for Fidelity Capital have once again increased application-only limits for equipment financing. This means businesses can potentially receive more capital for their equipment purchases.

Underwriters are also willing to take financial risks that they never would have five to seven years ago during the height of the recession, thanks to increased business all over the United States. Fidelity Capital’s internal department has taken on deals for various types of equipment, including equipment for technology, medical and manufacturing industries, as well as general office equipment, furniture, work stations and cubicles.

“We are seeing an increase in purchases across all sectors, and expect that to continue,” said Eppstein. “We are pleased to announce an increased interest in all deals for internal review. Our credit team looks forward to stamping more approvals for all types of companies from different industries as we move forward in 2017.

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