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IRVINE, Calif. – Fidelity Capital, a California-based agency that specializes in equipment leasing and financing, announced several new milestones, including the introduction of a new product, several new hires and a wider credit window.

The new product offering is simply titled “Project Financing.” Fidelity Capital is now able to finance or lease any type of project, whether it’s for installation, implementation, software development, maintenance contracts or otherwise. This also includes projects that require a 12- to 18-month period for equipment purchases.

“This new product allows us to help out companies that are in a cash flow crunch because of the hefty bills they face from sales force,” said Alan Eppstein, Account Executive. “Now we can help to pay for their one-year contract to provide them with some much-needed relief.”

Fidelity Capital’s growth is not just limited to new products. The company has also increased its sales staff, hiring new sales reps who have backgrounds in a variety of professions and industries. Each brings a unique quality to Fidelity that will help the company continue to grow and move in the right direction.

From the end of 2015 to the second quarter of 2016, Fidelity Capital has seen the credit window grow leaps and bounds. The company completed projects for clients that, in the past, would have been impossible. Due to the large amount of volume and in-house funding capabilities, Fidelity can provide up to $250,000 application only, and sometimes that figure has been as high as $2 million

With the end of the first quarter of 2016, Fidelity Capital has seen steady growth in the manufacturing, technology, and transportation industries. Two of Fidelity’s biggest clients currently reside in the biotech industry.

“Companies seeking funding in today’s market should have no problem finding it,” said Eppstein. “Our goal for the second quarter is to diversify our portfolio with all types of industries, such as medical, technology, manufacturing, transportation, biotech, and more. Growing your business in today’s market is easy with the correct partner.”

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